Thursday, August 14, 2014

Valya, a Sweet Teen!

A mom visiting and adopting from V's orphanage raves about her: "It's not easy to adopt a teenager. But Valya seems different. She's nice and quiet. Very polite. Does not demand anything. She's beautiful and really smart!" She sent this picture today! Look how precious she is!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Home By Christmas?

Could her dream of a family come true? 
Could she be Home by Christmas?

Does your Heart Long for a daughter?
Is someone missing from your family?

My friend Nicole shares the following: 

"This is "V" she is 13 years old and is HIV positive.  I have yet been able to spend a lot of time with her but myself and my facilitator were asked to help her find a family.  She has expressed how she would love one as well as her caretakers.  She is very shy.  I have not had time to sit alone with her one on one.  But I will say that she hangs out with many of the girls I know.  She has a very calm demeanor and self controlled.  Very polite!"

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Reasons To Adopt:

God says he wants the orphan taken care of.
God says His will is that none of these little ones perish.
God says we are to "hold back those being led away to slaughter."
God says whoever welcomes one of these little ones in His name welcomes Him.
The rewards of this life are fleeting, but the rewards of anything we give up here for the Lord are eternal.
Well Said Boston!

Reasons to Adopt

God did not create us to let us live out our lives in our comfort zone! Because if you were walking past a burning building and heard a child crying inside, you'd rush in and save that child, right? Would you worry that you might ruin your shoes, or sacrifice your comfort or convenience? No, you wouldn't. You'd save that child. Well, there are many burning buildings, and they are called Russia and Ukraine and Serbia and Bulgaria---and the list goes on. And there are children crying, and they need to be saved. ~~Thank you Ashley for your words of wisdom!~~